An asset class with promise

Diapason is a company that has built itself around the commodities market. Even when the sector was abandoned, our founders believed in its potential and battled hard against the mainstream current to assert their convictions.

Today the benefits of investing in commodities (agricultural products, energies, base metals, precious metals) are widely accepted. During inflationary cycles, they are a source of protection but also of yield and improvement in the portfolio efficiency curve. In times of uncertainty, they are often a risk reduction factor. In an asset allocation, they constitute a valuable source of diversification over the long term.

Long-term potential
We remain convinced that the appreciation cycle of the commodities markets initiated at the beginning of this century offers attractive yield opportunities over the long term. Furthermore, there is no long-term correlation between commodities and traditional paper securities (shares and bonds) and commodities point to good potential in the event of a geopolitical crisis.

We operate exclusively on the commodities market. To advance our knowledge and offer innovative solutions, we believe it is essential to be totally committed to one specific area. Only the specialists have sufficient expertise to point the way.





A comprehensive range of solutions covering
the whole spectrum of needs
Thanks to its unique expertise in the commodities management field, Diapason Commodities Management offers a comprehensive range of solutions covering the whole spectrum of investor needs. The commodities market is uncorrelated with share and bond fluctuations over the long term... [+]



Commodities Insight (25.07.2016)
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The main challenge facing the world economy is a shortfall in aggregate demand. This has been reflected in a surfeit of savings over investment, or equivalently, an excess of output over desired spending. The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) altered preferences in fundamental ways. [+]