Commodities & Markets focus

Commodities & Markets focus

On top of the weekly research email, the Commodities Insight Weekly, Diapason produces a bi-weekly research paper, the Commodities & Markets Focus. The report includes in-depth analysis of key macro-economic factors and their impact on commodity markets. Economic and monetary conditions as well as the FX markets have undeniable influence on commodities prices. This is why the research team at Diapason takes particular attention in understanding these elements.

Naturally, the Commodities & Markets Focus report presents our most recent analysis of commodity fundamentals. Supply and demand dynamics as well as inventories and costs of production play indeed an essential role in the price formation of commodities. Finally, the report covers price ratios, speculative positions and market sentiment, which provide crucial indications about market conditions of commodities.





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Thanks to its unique expertise in the commodities management field, Diapason Commodities Management offers a comprehensive range of solutions covering the whole spectrum of investor needs. The commodities market is uncorrelated with share and bond fluctuations over the long term... [+]



Commodities Insight (25.07.2016)
Austerity is on the way out, fiscal spending is in: Can the trough of interest rates be far behind?
The main challenge facing the world economy is a shortfall in aggregate demand. This has been reflected in a surfeit of savings over investment, or equivalently, an excess of output over desired spending. The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) altered preferences in fundamental ways. [+]