Research Papers

Learning from others

In our view, curiosity and eagerness to learn are essential for every player in the finance sector committed to self-improvement and wishing to offer high added-value services to all their clients.

Through interest, through passion, but also through professionalism, we read and constantly digest information in order to compare our analyses with those of other researchers and practitioners. One can speak in an original way, indeed it’s a quality we advocate, but that does not excuse us, day in, day out, from finding out more and improving our performance by keeping a watchful eye.

Justifying our thinking
On the financial markets, being different does not mean being alone in our corner. Great thinkers and good professionals push the boundaries of research. To make our ideas more legitimate, more relevant and more efficient, we need to be inspired by them.

The publications we focus on, the latest intellectual finds which we might consider meaningful, are something we want to share here with you: this site is an ideal place to explore the reasoning behind our thinking, the basis of our convictions.