The Diapason indices

Though much airplay has been given to persistent New Era fantasies about the supposedly intangible nature of the Virtual Economy, the experience of the last few years has delivered a forceful reminder that the age of the internet and ‘business process outsourcing’ has not, in any way, diminished the need for commodities.

We still need such inputs, whether in the form of the power with which to run our computers and fuel our aeroplanes; or in the shape of the metals with which to construct the very fabric of our modern world; or as the agricultural staples which feed our growing population and our flocks of livestock, in addition to providing a growing proportion of our energy needs.

A range of market-leading indices
As the effects of the "Second Industrial Revolution" have made themselves felt in recent years,  bringing a materially richer, more productive, urban lifestyle to countless millions on every single continent, the world has been building refineries, pipelines, railways, sea ports, highways, factories, shops, offices and homes on an unprecedented scale and consuming record quantities of commodities in the process.

The inevitable rise in prices which has resulted has excited a great deal of investor interests and the belief that commodities offer a very useful alternative to equities and bonds. Diapason has been offering a range of market-leading indices on commodities.