Diapason Commodities Index®


The Diapason Commodities Index® (DCI®) has been introduced in Diapason offer in June 2006. In order to achieve the very broadest reflection of the global commodity market – while maintaining strict standards relating to the liquidity of the underlying contracts – this index consists of 48 separate commodity futures, each traded inside the OECD, covering agriculture products, base metals, precious metals and energy.


The index incorporates several significant advances in its composition, among them the fact that, as well as having such traditional US contract, the agricultural products also list both US and European versions of several commodities in acknowledgement of the genuine segmentation of the physical market for these staples.

The make-up of the DCI® relies on a calculation involving two concepts. On one hand, the World Contract Liquidity (WCL), which takes account of the contract value and open interest of the individual components which constitutes 66.66% of the DCI®. On the other hand, the World Trade Significance (WTS), which is based on world export share and which contributes 33.33% of the final DCI® weighting.


Date 28.06.2016
Price 530.38
Performance MTD 1.7%
Performance [Volatility] YTD 13.1% [23.4%]
Annualized performance [Volatility] since inception 4.1% [17.4%]